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Deaf Mentoring Program:​ A Deaf Mentor provides family-centered, home based curriculum for early education in the home. We focus on visual communication; American Sign Language (ASL). In support of your child with hearing loss, the Deaf Mentor will work closely with your family and your child to bridge and navigate the deaf/hearing experience. It  is the Deaf Mentor’s priority to deliver services that will enhance the learning of students, allowing them to succeed in the present while preparing them for their future.


Hearing Loss, Speech Impairment, and Deaf Case Advocacy: 

American Sign Language Classes: 

Who Qualifies:​ All students, ages 0-21, who are Deaf, or Hard of Hearing, Cochlear Implant recipients, and/or have speech impairments qualify for our programs. This includes those with communication preferences of oral communication, new Signers to experts, and more

OUR GOAL: Deaf Centers of Nevada's (DCN)  goal is  to  make  sure that every home and workplace, for those within the state of  Nevada, have access to  devices for  communication and support  for their  everyday needs. Our Assistive Technology Specialists provide demonstrations of  our equipment throughout Nevada  and  provide clients and their families with devices. Whether you need communication tools, household alerting systems or other devices, DCN can assist you at no cost.


Deaf Case Advocacy: Our Deaf Case Advocates help clients and community members experiencing challenges with communication or access to information. We provide support related to civil rights, consumer-related issues, daily needs and tools for living independently. We also provides technical assistance to business and service providers, outreach activities and community focused workshops both on-site at our Centers or within the community.

Program Goals:  Assist with developing or updating resumes• Assist with applying for jobs on-site at DCN and/or at the work site• Train and prepare for interviews• Support clients with on the job resources• Teach self-advocacy on the job• Support employers through Cultural Mediation and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) resources

Assistive Technology & Telecommunicaiton Services (ATTS):

Assistive Technology: is technology that people use to assist in everyday functions and tasks.

Telecommunication equipment: is equipment used for communication with people  in  other locations. 

Assistive Technology and Telecommunication equipment: may change in efforts to serve the needs of  the community

Level 1 Classes: Focuses on basic signs, including ABCs, and numbering skills while practicing using vocabulary in day to day conversations.

Level 2 Classes: Continue development of expressive, receptive, and conversational skills by learning new vocabulary and grammar.

Classes vary from 60 minutes (1 hour) to 120 minutes (2 hours). All classes are taught by the DCN Staff and volunteers.

Classes are fun, social and educational

Who Qualifies: Children who are born with any type of hearing loss from birth through the age of five qualifies for services provided by a Deaf Mentor

Hearing Loss Advocacy: Our Hearing Loss Advocate assists our clients and community members who are experiencing hearing loss and need assistance with finding the right technology to assist them to perform their daily task and routines.

Career Specialist: A Career Specialist’s primary job is to identify job related strengths, provide resume assistance, conduct and practice interviewing skills and much more. Their services focus on: Job Readiness Training, Workplace Accessibility, Job Development, Job Placement Assistance, and Follow-up

Department of Health & Human Services | Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD)

How to Qualify: 

​​​​1. Get  an Audiogram  or DCN Certification form.

2. Provide  a Picture I.D.

3. Contact your nearest  Center to make an  appointment.

4. Become a client.

5. Receive a demonstration.

6. Pick out the equipment you feel best fits your lifestyle from the equipment recommended by your Assistive Tech Specialist

Advocacy Goals:  • Provide resources.• Provide referrals to DCN's local partners.• Provide support.• Promote self-empowerment.• Assist in independent living skills. Community members with speech impairments are welcome to all services and referrals that support their needs.Additional resource sand assistance is provided upon request.

Vocational Program: The purpose of the Vocational Program is to provide Deaf, Hard of Hearing, late deafened, and speech impaired community members with tools to seek employment. This program is available to all Deaf Centers of Nevada (DCN) clients to assist with job information, job training, job placement, and accessibility.

Youth & Family Services: 

Deaf Centers of Nevada's (DCN) Youth and Family Advocates care very much for the lives of Deaf, Hard of Hearing children and those with speech/language difficulties. We aim to assist youth from childhood to their transition into adulthood. Through different activities provided by our Youth & Family Advocate and Deaf Mentor, as well as our partnerships with early intervention programs, we provide advocacy, education, tutoring, and support to our community’s families. We ensure no child is left without daily development tools and communication

Who Qualifies:​ Children and young adults that are between 5-21 years of age that are experiencing hearing loss qualify for Tutoring within our Youth and Family Program

Tutoring Services:​ Deaf Centers of Nevada's (DCN) Tutoring services provide students with support, resources, strategies, and "Reading Milestones" curriculum. We focus on reading skills, American Sign Language (ASL), study skills and independent living skills


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Career Specialist Services & Vocational Program: