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Career Development & Placement Services

DCN works to provide our clients with tools that assist them in employment preparation, training, skills and personal development, resume and interviewing techniques, job placement, and awareness of community resources for the workplace.  Post-placement assistance and job coaching, retention and follow-up supports are also given to our clients, many of whom come into contact with us through referral from the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR).  In collaboration with the other programs and services provided by DCN, our Career Specialists provide outreach and technical assistance to our business and service partners, and actively pursue networking activities.


1325 Airmotive Way, Ste 225

Reno, NV 89502

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Fax:    (702) 685-0324

Assistive Technology & Telecommunications Services

DCN aims to ensure that every home and workplace for those within the state of Nevada has access to auxiliary aids so that communication and supports for our clients' everyday needs are met.  Our Assistive Technology Specialists skillfully provide demonstrations of our equipment onsite in Las Vegas or Reno and travel anywhere throughout Nevada to provide clients and their families with these devices.  Whether you need an communication tools, household alerting systems or others, DCN is able to assist you!


Language Access & Acquisition Services

Through classes taught in American Sign Language (ASL) to adults, teens and youth in several locations in the state as well as technical assistance efforts to business and service partners, DCN ensures that language is accessible and attainable to all.  Efforts to provide cultural acquisition and competency to stakeholders through outreach and education is also provided, as is ASL interpreter skills development, engagement and professional interactions with the goal being communication access on all levels for all citizens in the state of Nevada and beyond.


Youth & Family Program

DCN cherishes the lives of deaf, hard of hearing children and those with speech difficulties from birth to age 22, and aims to assist these youth through the childhood years and into transition towards adulthood.  Through different activities conducted by our Youth & Family Advocate and Deaf Mentor and our partnerships with Nevada Hands & Voices and the Early Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI) program, and by providing advocacy, education, tutoring and support to families, we ensure no child is left without tools and communication.

Adult & Community Program

For clients and community members experiencing challenges pertaining to communication or access to information, our Deaf Case Advocate (ASL) and Hearing Loss Advocate provide supports relating to legal, civil rights, consumer-related issues,  daily needs and tools for living autonomously, among many others.  DCN also provides technical assistance to business and service providers, outreach activities and community-focused workshops both onsite at our Centers and within the community.


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