Support Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing


Advocacy programs and services offered by DCN are available to all Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals, families of Deaf/ Hard of Hearing individuals, and individuals with speech impairments. Our main goals focus on a person centered approach to educating our clients in their legal rights as well as teaching skills to live happy, independent, and active lives.


American Sign Language (ASL) is primarily used by Deaf people within the United States. It is, however, the fourth most used language in the United States. It is becoming popular as more hearing people learn about the language and choose to become more involved in the language and the deaf culture, as well.


DCN aims to ensure that every home and workplace for those within the state of Nevada has access to auxiliary aids so that communication and supports for our clients' everyday needs are met. Our Assistive Technology Specialists skillfully provide demonstrations of our equipment onsite in Las Vegas or Reno and travel anywhere throughout Nevada to provide clients and their families with these devices. Whether you need an communication tools, household alerting systems or others, DCN is able to assist you!

Youth & Family

Deaf Centers of Nevada's (DCN) Youth and Family Advocates care very much for the lives of Deaf, Hard of Hearing children and those with speech/language difficulties. We aim to assist youth from childhood to their transition into adulthood. Through different activities provided by our Youth & Family Advocate and Deaf Mentor, as well as our partnerships with early intervention programs, we provide advocacy, education, tutoring, and support to our community’s families. We ensure no child is left without daily development tools and communication.

Our Story

Deaf Centers of Nevada (DCN), formerly known as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center (DHHARC), was established as a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization in 2008 to create a place with activities and provide support services for the specific needs of Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals. DCN has developed a wide-range of information and referral services for public and private agencies, businesses, higher education programs, statewide and regional services. DCN staff provide direct advocacy support for clients at schools, places of employment, with health service providers, and government agencies at all levels.

What People Say About Us

Testimonial 1

Thank you for your assistance. From the moment I came in the door and was greeted warmly by the person at the window and later she asked me if I needed anything while I was waiting, left me with a very warm feeling of being welcome. Your assistance and attention to detail adding in things I did not even think of has also enriched the experience. Your warmth was very comforting in this world today. I am looking forward to attending your events as time permits.

Community Member

Testimonial 2

I do want you to know the hearing device (he) wears that you supplied has made a huge difference in his quality of life. It’s usually his go-to when we go out. Sincerely appreciate all the help you provided. Stay safe and healthy.

Community Member

Testimonial 3

You relay the information clearly and several times so we that are slower in learning this can pick it up. You also have us repeat learned words over and over to help us remember the words or phrases. It’s also very effective in practicing with another person. Thanks for all your knowledge.

ASL Student

Testimonial 4

Wow! That is really good information to have. I called the audiologist as you suggested. They said he would be covered for hearing aids so I’m excited about that. Thank you for reaching out and bringing all of this to the forefront as I don’t know when I would have looked at it all again. I’m just happy that my son will finally be able to hear. Thank you again!!!

Community Member

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